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Fall's Featured Offerings

  • Spiritual ReBoot
  • Seasonal Detox
  • Fall Equinox
  • Meditation Course
  • Classic Yoga
  • Kundalini Circle

Spiritual ReBoot- 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Sacred Intuitive Center

Spiritual Reboot vibrant health 250 croppedAre you creating the life of your desires or a prison of your own making?
Are you feeling continually frustrated that you are not living in alignment with what is most important to you? Do you feel the hectic pace of your life leaves little time for you to support your spiritual connection and growth?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, It's time for a Spiritual ReBoot!

In this 7 week course, through a blend of subtle body instruction, yoga, energy medicine practices, meditation and journaling you will learn practical tools to daily connect to your sacred intuitive wisdom and with support be inspired to act on your intuitive guidance and begin to live in sync with your sacred flow of living in authenticity.

ReBoot for Fall Energy:
Instructor: Anne Duffey
Day/time: Tuesdays, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Dates: September 20th - November 8th
(no class November 1st)
Course fee: $399.00
Early Bird: - enroll by Sept 6th and save $50. - $349.
3-month payment plan: $133/mo

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Clear and Clarify Your Life Force with a Seasonal Detox

Seasonal detox vibrant health 250wFeel lighter, brighter, and full of energy and inspiration!

Offered in the spring and fall Seasonal Detox courses inspired by Ayurveda, the sister medical science of Yoga are an integral practice to cultivating vibrant health. By simplifying the diet, eliminating common inflammatory foods and eating nourishing, seasonal foods, we support the body in releasing stored toxicities from what we eat, drink, take in from the senses as well as releasing environmental pollution and overall stress loads.

NOTE: This Detox is NOT fasting.  Seasonal detoxes support your body's natural healing mechanisms to activate, resulting in increased levels of energy, digestive balance and connection to consciousness.

Instructor: Anne Duffey
Fall '16 Detox dates: Wednesdays: October 12th - November 2nd
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Early Bird: Save $50 -- $199 Enroll by Sat. Oct. 1
Returning Detoxers: Enroll for just $108!

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Fall Equinox Class & Satsang

fall equinox sky 250wFind Your Inner Balance

Instructor: Anne
Date: Thursday, September 22nd
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Fee:  Class is FREE - A $10. donation is suggested to support the Worcester County Food Bank.

Join Anne in this celebration of the turning of the seasonal wheel from Summer to Fall. We will honor the Native American Six Directions of the medicine wheel with a center Puja (altar) enjoy some prana building exercises through breathwork, yoga flows & meditative mantras to align with our inner balance between the sun and the moon, inner Mars and Venus, Divine Masculine & Feminine energies. A crystal bowl sound healing is included.

A light refreshment potluck follows.

All are welcomed.

Pre-Registration is requested no later than 24 hours before the Satsang. To register, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sign up in the studio.

Meditation for Beginners: Gateway to Peace

Meditation vibrant health sizedCultivate calm, centered, clear and focused energy - meditate!

Meditation is a foundational practice to anyone interested in the yogic path of living consciously. Learn practical, sustainable methods to center and calm the mind resulting in increased sense of mental clarity, emotional balance and intuitive spiritual insight.

This course is intended to guide you to establish a daily meditation practice that will support better health, energy and overall vitality and well being.

All of classic yoga is intended to deliver us to an opportunity to establish meditation as the gateway to higher consciousness and living from a sacred space.

Instructor: Joe Whitley
Day/time: Mondays, 6:00 - 7:15 pm
Dates:  September 26 - November 7th (no class Oct. 10th)
Course fee: $150
Early Bird Special: enroll by September 16th and save $25.
Returning Meditation Students: $90.00

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Classic Hatha Yoga: Transforming Mid-life Stress

Deepesh Patel

Special Promotion - Students NEW to Deepesh's Classic Hatha Yoga
Fist time students of Deepesh - enroll in the 3- week session and receive the first class FREE!

Guest Instructor: Deepesh Patel
Dates: Tuesdays, August 16th, 23rd, 30th
*Fee: New students - 3/$30.00 -- Continuing students 3/$45.00
Time: 7:30 - 8:45 pm
Levels: Beginners to practiced

Pre-registration is required!

Deepesh Patel, Indian born and now living in the US, will be offering a 3-week mini course in Classic Hatha Yoga: Transforming Mid-life Stress.

Deepesh's interest in teaching yoga is to support what he calls the demands of the 'midlife crunch'. When the pressures of work, family, parenting, social life, spiritual and community leave all of us grasping for help. His intention is to share the classic body of knowledge that is Classic Hatha Yoga as powerful ancient tools to navigate our modern busy and overloaded lives with more ease, health and happiness.

*Deadline for enrollment is Monday, July 11th by 7:00 pm

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Join in for a special Kundalini experience!

April vacation 15Come together for community healing, guided with breath work, gentle movement and the healing mantra of RA MA DA SA. Increase lymphatic flow, detox energetic stagnation, and open to the vibrancy of self healing.

Anne will be accompanying Dalilah with crystal singing bowls for earth, heart, and crown chakras.

Instructor: Anne (Lakshmi Narayan ) & Dalilah (Rampal)
Date: Sunday,  August 28th
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Donations are welcome.  Open to all.

Its a wonderful opportunity to try something new.

Yoga at Opening Lotus

Take the first step toward Vibrant Health - delve into Yoga.

Opening Lotus Yoga classes are for every level, every body, and every step of your transformative journey.

Take a class today, or sign up for a session, and you'll be on your way!


Check out our schedule.

Immersion Workshops

Deepen your practice or explore a new style. Monthly Yoga Immersions offers:

  • Full Moon Yin Yoga with Crystal Bowls
  • Candlelight Yoga with Thai Meridian Massage
  • Kundalini Healing Circle


current offerings

Vibrant Health Courses

Accelerate your transformation and connect with your intuitive Spirit.

  • Spiritual ReBoot: 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Sacred Intuitive Center
  • Chakras: Awaken your Vibrant Being
  • Seasonal Detox: Clear and Clarify Your Life Force

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