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Opening Lotus Yoga

Opening Lotus Yoga is a sacred and welcoming space for personal growth and connection to our inner truth. If you are ready for a transformative journey, Opening Lotus Yoga is your path to Vibrant Health.


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The Lotus - Our Inspiration

The symbol of the lotus is sacred in India, Tibet, China and Japan. It represents the process of growth, beauty and purity of wisdom consciousness. The deeper the lotus roots penetrate down into the muddy waters, the richer the bloom.

The lotus blossom reaches for the light, once warmed, it begins to open, one petal at a time until the golden seed pod at the center is revealed.

The lotus is a beautiful metaphor for the unfolding of our inner nature, our true Self.

Antidote for Stress – our motivation

Our modern lifestyle, not only diverts us from our Truth, it also piles on damaging stress. We know that unmanaged stress is harmful to our health and wellbeing.  It's clear that a yoga practice can mitigate the detrimental effects of stress and heal the disconnect from what matters most; our health, happiness, and our intuitive Spirit.  

Opening Lotus is pleased to offer:

Eco-green Studio – our commitment

With our new studio space we embrace Eco-Sustainability. Our tranquil studio offers a clean environment, with use of non-toxic and sustainable materials. Opening Lotus is a member of the national organization GreenYoga.org and pledges to offer education to our yoga community on reducing our environmental footprint by integrating principles of Green Living.

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