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Eco-Green Yoga Studio

What makes a green Yoga studio?

Practicing Yoga and being a conscious environmental steward go hand in hand. Opening Lotus Yoga is pleased to join a national community of yoga studios that make a commitment to integrate sustainable products within our studios, practice recycling and energy efficiency as well as offering environmental education to its community.

Steps We've Taken to Go and Live Green

  • Installed Bamboo Flooring which is a non-toxic sustainable fast growing grass. Our Bamboo floor is a ‘floating floor’ with an insulating felt underlayment, requiring no glue or adhesives thus no out-gasing of organic volatile compounds.
  • Low VOC Paint Finishes, water based, again reducing the emission of volatile organic compounds into air.
  • Ceramic Tile from USA producer, reduced shipping costs.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting: Natural light, light walls as well as Compact Fluorescent Bulbs for our fixtures.
  • Use of Recycled Paper Products; Including paper, bathroom tissues etc. In-house recycling receptacles.
  • Use of Non-Toxic Organic Cleaners
  • Scent Free Studio: Request students to refrain from wearing heavy perfumes and colognes within the studio.
  • Use of Non-Toxic Yoga Mats, Blocks and Props. (no latex)
  • Eliminated Use of Bottled Water; Encourage students to buy a permanent water bottle and fill from home.
  • Designate Donations from Our Quarterly Satsangs to Environmental Organizations-Local and National

Grow with Us.

Explore the healing and awakening that yoga provides and practice within a conscious environmentally respectful space.
Share your ideas on how we can continue to evolve and move more fully into a sacred balance with our earth!

This deepening connection to the natural world becomes
An undeniable Reality, bringing with it both joy and responsibility.
Jack Kornfield: Western Buddhist Teacher and Author of: A Path with Heart After the Ecstasy, The Laundry The Wise Heart

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