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Vibrant Health Courses offer highly focused and clear content to manifest deeper levels of conscious wellness and higher levels of intuitive spiritual alignment. Learn how to reconnect, nurture and embody your sacred intuition as a path to living in alignment with divine wisdom, universal energy and abundant flow.

If you want to feel Inspired, Enlivened, and Empowered, take the first step and enroll today!

Body Temple: 10 Week ONLINE Yoga Health Coaching Course

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body temple 250wThe Body Temple course combines proven habit change science with Yogic and Ayurvedic sacred self care practices called Dinacharya (Daily Rhythms) that with practice, quite simply build a new body ~ mind connection for your highest Self to be embodied.

Anne will guide you step by step to take control of your wellness with the proven ancient tools of Yogic and Ayurvedic daily self care. You will practice the 10 Habits to up-level your sleep, energy and digestion to name a few. You will benefit from the group community support as well as individualized coaching to maximize your success.

The 10 Habits - find them below - are simple yet effective daily habits to support fundamental energetic shifts that impact your entire wellness.

Some of the natural shifts that happen:

  • Better Sleep & Energy
  • Better Digestion & Elimination
  • Body Weight Balances
  • Stress Patterns Reduce
  • Diet Improves
  • Unhealthy Cravings Diminish
  • Moods Balances
  • Meditative Mind Awakens
  • Connection to Spirit Strengthens
  • Connection to Intuition Increases

The ancient Yogi's of India and the Himalayas, through deep meditation were informed of the code for creating a physiology that would be worthy as the Temple of your Soul! The Body Temple-10 Habits course can create that shift from stress and dis-ease to thriving with ease!

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Spiritual ReBoot- 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Sacred Intuitive Center

Spiritual Reboot vibrant health 250 croppedAre you creating the life of your desires or a prison of your own making?
Are you feeling continually frustrated that you are not living in alignment with what is most important to you? Do you feel the hectic pace of your life leaves little time for you to support your spiritual connection and growth?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, It's time for a Spiritual ReBoot!

In this 7 week course, through a blend of subtle body instruction, yoga, energy medicine practices, meditation and journaling you will learn practical tools to daily connect to your sacred intuitive wisdom and with support be inspired to act on your intuitive guidance and begin to live in sync with your sacred flow of living in authenticity.

Stay tuned for info on our next offering.

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Meditation for Beginners: Gateway to Peace

Meditation vibrant health sizedCultivate calm, centered, clear and focused energy - meditate!

Meditation is a foundational practice to anyone interested in the yogic path of living consciously. Learn practical, sustainable methods to center and calm the mind resulting in increased sense of mental clarity, emotional balance and intuitive spiritual insight.

This course is intended to guide you to establish a daily meditation practice that will support better health, energy and overall vitality and well being. We'll approach our Meditation Practice based on the Classic Yogic teachings of Patanjali: Focus, Meditate and Merge, and, classes will include some gentle body stretches and breathwork to prepare for Meditation.

All of classic yoga is intended to deliver us to an opportunity to establish meditation as the gateway to higher consciousness and living from a sacred space.

Check back for upcoming Fall 2017 course dates.

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Intuitive Thrive- 7 month Spiritual Mentorship

Dive into the Field of Quantum Intuitive Living with Anne

Who is this Mentorship For?

If you have been yearning and longing to connect with your sacred intuition and divine truth, live with higher levels of authenticity, be guided by and clarify the unique gifts you are here to share in this world, this mentorship is for you!

If you are ready to awaken to your soul's desires beyond daydreaming and wishful thinking, and ready to break through false limitations of self, this mentorship is for you!

If you are ready to move from fear based living to the freedom of intuitive thriving, this course is for you!

If you are committed and seriously devoted to let go of what is not serving you and create the space, intention and powerful alignments for manifesting positive shifts in the areas of your health, energy, emotions, relationships, careers and prosperity, this mentorship course is for you!

If you are ready to invest in yourself as a Divine Being of Light, this mentorship is for you!

Intuitive Thrive:
Instructor: Anne Duffey
Day/time: Mondays, 7:30-9:15 pm - 3x/month = 21 sessions.
Bonus #1 Includes 2 private, 1-hour coaching sessions to optimize your growth. (Value $200)
Bonus #2- FREE access to any studio class taught by Anne. (Potential value $600.00 or more)
Dates: October 2015 thru May 2016* (7 months)
Course fee: $1,450.00

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Vibrant Health Refund Policy

Refunds can be made within the first week of the course minus a $50.00 registration fee. After the first week of classes, tuition is non-refundable.

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