Choose YOUR Body Temple: 10 Habits to Wholeness Package!

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Why am I offering these packages at such deep discounts?

Because I value YOU and I value this work and I know that sometimes finances is the biggest obstacle to saying YES to our own Sacred Self-Care.  With these packages I'm eliminating the financial resistance and making it so easy for you to say YES and INVEST in YOURSELF!

What is the lifetime cost to you of feeling mediocre? Of not having the energy, stamina and inspiration to living fully on purpose and in your Dharma? Of perhaps missing your opportunity to elevate more fully into your brilliance! When we expand the context, the value of our own evolutionary growth is PRICELESS!


The Body Temple Gold Annual Membership offers the BEST of What I Have to Offer!

The course, coupled with my 25 years of living all that is YOGA and my skill to guide you honestly, compassionately, and progressively towards your goals especially when old demoting habits rear their heads! The supportive community to keep momentum and inspiration flowing, the weekly classes to build the pranic physiology to support your vibrant Soul, monthly Yin Yoga Restoratives to deeply root , release and restore and connect to your Sacred Intuition, a private therapeutic yoga and crystal bowl sound healing to go deeper in your energetic clearings, a community of fellow Body Temple Thrivers to support continued growth and seasonal gatherings to celebrate our intertwined dance with Nature and the Cosmos!


Take the next step toward optimal wellness -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set-up your wellness vison call today!


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