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Meditation for Beginners: Gateway to Peace

Meditation vibrant health sizedCultivate calm, centered, clear and focused energy - meditate!

Meditation is a foundational practice to anyone interested in the yogic path of living consciously. Learn practical, sustainable methods to center and calm the mind resulting in increased sense of mental clarity, emotional balance and intuitive spiritual insight.

This course is intended to guide you to establish a daily meditation practice that will support better health, energy and overall vitality and well being. We'll approach our Meditation Practice based on the Classic Yogic teachings of Patanjali: Focus, Meditate and Merge, and, classes will include some gentle body stretches and breathwork to prepare for Meditation.

All of classic yoga is intended to deliver us to an opportunity to establish meditation as the gateway to higher consciousness and living from a sacred space.

Check back for upcoming Fall 2017 course dates.

With a "Commitment to Sit" in meditation on a daily basis, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Reduce Stress Hormones; Cortisol and adrenaline which create chronic inflammation and stress responses in the body~mind
  • Reduce inflammation including high blood pressure, high heart and respiration rate, arthritis, GI inflammation
  • Shift ‘Fight or Flight’ stress response to ‘Rest and Digest’ parasympathetic nervous system allowing healing and energy to restore
  • Improve sleep, digestion, and optimize metabolic balance & immune function
  • REDUCE ABDOMINAL FAT STORAGE- YES, Meditation supports natural weight balance!
  • Reduce and/or eliminate unhealthy cravings
  • Improve mood and balance emotions
  • Expand consciousness
  • Increase cognitive clarity & creativity
  • Increase intuitive wisdom & spiritual insight
  • Clarify your Dharma, your spiritual truth, becoming clear and energized about who you really are and what unique gift you contribute to the world.

Join Anne for this 6-week Gateway to Peace course.  Become a Meditation Practitioner and enjoy the flow of the universal energies of LOVE, COMPASSION, PEACE AND JOY!

Week #1: Getting Started: Fundamentals of Practice

Week #2: Intention: Answering the WHY of meditation. The clearer and more authentic your INTENTION, the more successful your practice will be.

Week # 3: Practices: Exploring a mix of classic techniques including breath observation and awareness, mantra, and non-dualistic practice of allowing.

Weeks # 4, 5, 6: Practice & Integration: Dealing with resistance to change and BEING PRESENT to what is arising.

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