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Spiritual ReBoot- 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Sacred Intuitive Center

Spiritual Reboot vibrant health 250 croppedAre you creating the life of your desires or a prison of your own making?
Are you feeling continually frustrated that you are not living in alignment with what is most important to you? Do you feel the hectic pace of your life leaves little time for you to support your spiritual connection and growth?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, It's time for a Spiritual ReBoot!

In this 7 week course, through a blend of subtle body instruction, yoga, energy medicine practices, meditation and journaling you will learn practical tools to daily connect to your sacred intuitive wisdom and with support be inspired to act on your intuitive guidance and begin to live in sync with your sacred flow of living in authenticity.

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The 7 Steps include:

  • Befriending Stillness: As your inner source of power. Slowing down and tuning in.
  • Clarifying your Intentions: Manifest your truest desires.
  • Embodying your Sacred Body: Learning to read your intuitive vibrational language.
  • Clearing Unessential Energies: That block your connection to intuition.
  • Plugging In: Reclaim the senses as a portal to Spirit.
  • Remembering your essential Self.
  • Living from the Sacred Center: Daily practices to nurture your intuitive connection.

The synthesis of these teachings reflect my own lifetime journey to reconnect and nurture my intuitive wisdom. These sacred steps work for me.

Let me teach you how they can work for you! Let this be your invitation to spiritually ReBoot and awaken to the Truth of your Being!

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